Chinese American Cultural Center 

Are you tired of seeing slow progress in your child's Chinese language study? Are you frustrated about your kid's academic performance not reflecting his or her full potential? Chinese American Cultural Center (CACC) can help your child learn Chinese language and other academic subjects more effectively through engaging classes run by experienced and caring teachers. We believe that, by immersing the kids in an environment of active learning and frequent exercises, the learning process will lead to higher motivation and proficiency among the students. Based on this philosophy of learning, we offer the following programs

CACC After School Program

Our after school program provides not only homework help, but also Chinese language lessons and other academic enrichment classes. The daily Chinese classes give students chances to learn, practice, use, and grasp the Chinese language. The academic enrichment classes provide extended learning opportunities to students who want to boost their academic success. Other extracurricular activities in sports, art, and music are also available to interested students.

CACC Intensive Chinese Classes

We offer intensive Chinese language classes to students who are unable to attend daily Chinese classes. The intensive curriculum help students develop Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are also exposed to Chinese culture through interactive games and multimedia presentations.

CACC Summer Camp

CACC offers exciting and rewarding summer camp experiences for girls and boys. A variety of programs, including Chinese Language, English Reading and Writing, Math, Arts, and Sports, will be available for kids to learn, have fun, and make friends.