Two packages are available in our After School Program. Parents and students can choose either one package based on their needs. 2016-2017 School Year Registration Forms are posted in the right panel.


After School Program Package 1 (ASP1)

This package provides students with rigorous learning opportunities in Chinese language, math, English reading and writing.

Chinese Language

The learning program uses "Zhong Wen",  a textbook series published by Jinan University and widely used by overseas Chinese schools. By learning Pin Yin and Simplified Chinese characters, students enhance their listening and reading comprehension, as well as oral and written communication skills in Chinese. Based on individual students' language levels, additional reading and writing assignments are used to supplement the textbook work. The emphasis is placed on raising students' interests in Chinese Language and enabling them to use it fluently.

Math Enrichment

The enrichment program is aimed at those students who want to build solid math skills. The focus is on helping students understand fundamental concepts, build mathematical proficiency, and develop problem solving strategies. Students are encouraged to explore different approaches for solving problems, discuss and summarize the pros and cons of each method. According to students’ levels and interests, topics related to math competitions are introduced.

English Reading and Writing

The program is designed to help students improve their English skills in reading and writing. By using current and relevant articles, the program aims at motivating students to enhance their reading comprehension. The written communication skills are also strengthened through frequent writing exercises.


After School Program Package 2 (ASP2)

In addition to help students with their school homework, this package also provides students with extensive exposure to Chinese language and culture, as well as other extracurricular activities.

Chinese Language Immersion Activities

Students participate in interactive games to learn and use Chinese language in real life. Multimedia presentations will be offered to students to learn Chinese culture.

Physical Exercises, Art & Music

Students are encouraged to explore their interests and develop skills in sports, art, and music.


Optional Classes (additional fees apply)

Students who want to boost their performance and skills in specific academic subjects, music instruments, art, and sports can enroll in one-to-one classes.