Students can take intensive Chinese classes on Wednesdays or Fridays if they are unable to study Chinese on daily basis. 2016-2017 School Year Registration Forms are posted in the right panel.


Chinese Classes

The classes use "Zhong Wen",  a textbook series published by Jinan University and widely used by overseas Chinese schools. By learning Pin Yin and Simplified Chinese characters, students enhance their listening and reading comprehension, as well as oral and written communication skills in Chinese. Based on individual students' language levels, additional reading and writing assignments are used to supplement the textbook work. The emphasis is placed on raising students' interests in Chinese Language and enabling them to use it fluently.


Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of writing Chinese characters. Students are taught how to practice basic brush strokes and characters in the artistic and etymological system of writing. By learning Chinese calligraphy, students will further understand and appreciate Chinese art, history and culture.


Chinese Homework Help

No matter where you are learning Chinese, if you encounter difficulties in your Chinese homework, you can come to NJCACC for help. Our experienced Chinese teachers are ready to provide one-on-one tutoring for you to complete your Chinese homework and solidify your learning of the language. Simply purchase a coupon book and use a coupon whenever you need homework help at NJCACC.



Optional Classes (additional fees apply)

Students who want to boost their performance and skills in specific academic subjects, music instruments, art, and sports can enroll in one-to-one classes.